Aramex Shipment & Rate calculation Plugin for nopCommerce

Picture of Aramex Shipment & Rate calculation Plugin
Calculates Rate & Add shipment and get shipment ID
(Tracking Number)
Aramex Shipment & Rate calculation Plugin for nopCommerce
Supported Versions: 3.8 for nopCommerce
Created: 28th December 2016
Last updated: 28th December 2016
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This plugin calculates rate for different shipment options, like Express Delivery, By Air, By Ground. In addition to calculating rate, this plugin also add shipment to Aramex and schedule pickup at shipper's place and generates Shipment ID for further communications.

  • Get great delivery rates
  • Take advantage of door-to-door delivery throughout the world
  • Tap into the most extensive delivery network in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa

Simple and Extensive

With the Aramex nopcommerce, you are directly integrated with Aramex's back-end systems including our pickup system, delivery network, and our rate calculator. In a few easy steps, you can power up your site to start receiving orders throughout the world.

Here are some of the things that you can do:

1) Calculate Shipping Rates with our Rate Calculator

You can calculate shipping rates quickly according to your Aramex rate sheet, and you can provide that info to your visitors.

2) Schedule a Pickup

In a matter of minutes, you can arrange pickup from different locations and you will get collection reference number in response.

3) Create Shipment

Create a shipment or empower your customers to create shipments on the go, and you get an air waybill number which your customers can use to track their shipments.

4) Print label

You can print shipment labels to attach to your products in three easy steps.

5) Track Shipment

By using this functionality you can track your shipments or enable your customers to track their shipments, by simply clicking on the Track Shipment button.

Features List

a) To help with your returns, we let you do Reverse Pickup and from the same page you can print labels, track shipments, and schedule pickups.

b) Easy-to-use account details and storage of defaults.

c) A robust search engine that allows you to search orders by using order numbers.

Aramex offers a wide range of customized solutions for e-commerce ventures, from delivery-fulfillment to warehousing to customs clearance. In order to start shipping with Aramex, you first need to setup a corporate account. Please fill in the details in the form below and our representative will contact you to complete your new account process.